Hi, I'm Jenna.

I grew up in Greenwood, Indiana and graduated from Butler University in 2006. Since then, I’ve worked for a famous mouse, climbed The Great Wall, become an aunt, fallen in love, kept Starbucks in business, and eaten thousands of apples.

I’m a dreamer and a deep thinker (some might say an overthinker), and I just want to learn, grow, and connect. Writing seems to be a good avenue for that, so sometimes I record my thoughts when I'm able to orchestrate the words in a way that makes sense (at least to me). My reflections are often fleeting, with me one minute and gone the next, so I'm pleased that they have a little online shelf to rest on now. I hope my stories will make others feel less alone, happy, comforted, encouraged, or perhaps they'll just provide an escape from reality or a laugh.

Thank you to my husband, Mark, who built this space to encourage me to write. (Not to mention put up with my exhausting requests for rooted tree hearts, swirly fonts, and the perfect shade of pink.)

Other Creative Outlets

When I was no longer able to work at Disney, I had a bit of an identity crisis. At one point, I met with my former pastor in Orlando over coffee for guidance. He suggested I try commercial acting as one way to fill that artistic void (his wife had found success with it).

"No, you have to be beautiful for that," I said bluntly. Back then I thought beauty equaled youth, and in Disney years, I was...seasoned.

"First of all, you are beautiful," he replied in a stern, yet loving, fatherly manner, "but actually, you don't. A variety of people are needed for that type of work."

I decided to give it a try, and I love it. When I have the opportunity to even just audition, it makes me feel light and full, somehow at the same time. I also love to sing, write music, make photo books to preserve memories, and craft (basically use stickers and sprinkle glitter on various objects). - Mobile tire installation

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