Eli John

Everything seems calmer now,
We felt it minute one.
Your parents gazed with wonderment,
Another perfect son.

Telling secrets without words,
You stole our breath that night.
God, we prayed, protect this life,
with grace and love and light.

Your supple cheeks and fingers long,
Your meek and loving soul.
A pure sunrise, our little lamb,
Each heart you touch, you hold.

We ask the clock to kindly stop,
If only for a day.
So we can hold your tiny frame,
and cherish it this way.

You bring us strength and heal our hearts,
With every glance you’re sending.
With every purr and squeak and grin,
You make our happy ending.

Your navy eyes and buttered skin,
You’ve altered each new dawn.
Won’t ever get our fill of you,
Sweet, gentle Eli John.