2 Years

2 "I Do"s

95 laugh-until-we-cry frenzies, beginning with Day 1


700 goodnight kisses

54 heated conversations

525 "I'm sorry"s

6,144 ounces of grace shown (That's 2 gallons a month, 1 for each of us.)

2 Lumineers concerts


3,650 "I love yous"

25 Starbucks dates

1,435 kisses on the cheek

1 Eskimo kiss, immediately followed by 1 request to please never do that again, as it gave you weird feelings. 

1 new, flawless, magical niece to place on a pedestal


633 "Have A Good Day"s

1 Hawaiian sunrise from a volcano

149 golden sunsets shared


126 "This is delicious! Thank you!"s

19 "This meal is restaurant quality!"s 

1 "It kind of looks like jail food, but I'm sure it tastes good." (Crock Pot Beef Stew, we're done.)

55 frozen Amy's Organic pizzas

39 "I'm sorry, but the amount of spinach you have in your teeth right now is unbelievable"s

104 "nice little Saturdays"

13 trips to Bed, Bath, & Beyond

2 Indiana winters

93 hours in New York City

 Totally NOT the "Friends" fountain in Central Park

 Totally NOT the "Friends" fountain in Central Park

17 post-dinner walks around the neighborhood

4 physical therapists

1 chiropractor

1 Reiki healer

214 "I'll drop you off at the door"s

3,920 prayers for health, protection, and gratitude

8 unexpected flower bouquets


21 movie dates

29 lazy Redbox nights

1 tornado warning in which I made you sit in the apartment stairwell with me at 11pm

1 "Jenna, I wonder why is no one else is sitting in the stairwell?"

1 fire evacuation at 3:14am

18 episodes of This Is Us

585 tears shed over This Is Us, 100% of which being mine.

99 "Can I buy you dinner?"s

15 slow dances

3 weddings


1 unexpected job loss

2 triumphant "Scans are all clear!" texts

215 winks from across the room or couch

149 Jeopardy games competed, 98 of which you came out ahead (11 ties)

80 joint trips to the grocery store

1 cozy apartment

1 lifelong romance that I had always longed for

7,000 dreams between us yet to unfold

1,051,200 minutes of passion, celebration, adventure, tears, tenderness, buffoonery, exasperation, growing pains, laughter, and being spoused by the love of my life

My happiest moment - ever

My happiest moment - ever

Let's bottle some of our love
give it away for free
we are overflowing
and many are living on empty
-Gemma Troy

Wedding images: Angel Canary