41 Phrases That Also Mean "I Love You"

Sometimes those three words are hidden in everyday conversation. We're loved. We just have to listen carefully.

1. Text me when you get there./Did you make it home okay?

2. Don't forget your coat!

3. I saw this and thought of you.

4. You make me laugh more than anyone.

5. Can I get you anything while I'm up/out?

6. Did you eat?

7. Don't forget to wear sunscreen!

8. I'm so sorry that happened. What can I do to make you feel better?

9. Get some rest.

10. Did you have a good day? (Preceding eye contact and a thoughtful response.)

11. Thank you for taking out the trash/mowing the lawn/making the bed/cleaning up the toys/folding the laundry. I see you! I'm grateful for you.

12. Here's the remote. We can watch whatever you want. Yes, even the Kardashians./Yes, even baseball.  

13. I started the coffee for you.

14. You can take the first shower.

15. Here, take this Kind bar/trail mix/delicious portable snack in case you get hungry while you're out.

16. Would it help if I rubbed your shoulders/feet?

17. What can I make you for dinner?

18. Are you kidding? You are way better looking than George Clooney/Halle Berry. No contest.

19. I went ahead and got your oil changed while I was out. 

20. How's your car running? (I love you too, Dad.)

21. Drink some water.

22. I spent some time this morning praying exclusively for you.

23. You're my girl/guy.

24. Buckle your seat belt!

25. Don't text and drive.

26. Call me if you need a ride home, even if it's 3am.

27. Please don't ever go to that part of town alone. (I love you too, Mark.)

28. Is everything okay? Just checking in on you!

29. Don't run!/Please move slowly and carefully near the pool/bonfire/random hole in the ground.

30. I haven't worn this yet, but you can borrow it. (I love you too, Mom, Jessica, and Jordan.)

31. Watch your step!

32. Take smaller bites, please./Chew it up all the way! (Proof of how much I love you, Eli!)

33Don't forget to take your medicine.

34. What can I do to help you today?

35. I'm sorry. I was wrong. Please forgive me.

36. Stay close to me/Take my hand (When in large crowds...on second thought...even when not.)

37. Don't forget to lock the door.

38. You look so beautiful/handsome (first thing in the morning). 

39. I've been worried sick about you!

40. I'm taking the kids to the park. Enjoy your morning. We'll be back in a few hours.

...and perhaps sometimes...

41. You are driving me crazy! 

Can you think of any others? Leave them in the comments below!

image: Vixen Daily